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Welcome to total darkness... ZEROBLACK

ZWe provide government organizations in full circular and symbiotic solution for cyber defensive, along with the collection and analysis of data for the protection of national security against attacks and threats

Mobile Security – The Protection of Mobile Phone Against Cyber Security Threats

No light penetrating or even filtering through.
Full protection in every possible way. We give you everything. Be bold and take the next step to security.

Products and Services

Dynamic tools to meet the ever changing cyber world head on. Training from top global experts to lead your team up to the highest levels.
Customized R&D
Communication Security

Our Comsec ad-on, EVOLUTION, is vital in maintaining unauthorized access to communications data. This ad-on was developed to protect the sanctity of communications and provide assurances to our customers. Evolution is a software based ad-on that requires no arduous hardware purchase and maintenance. Evolution will protect you against all major threats and make your comms device impenetrable.


Customized Training

Operations Security (OPSEC) is the process by which we protect critical information.   This training focuses on preventing our adversaries' access to information and actions that may compromise an operation. OPSEC challenges us to look at ourselves through the eyes of an adversary and deny the adversary the ability to act.


Customized Training
Automated AI for Intelligence

Zeroblack’s newest development is customized to make data storage and analytics easier. It is also aimed at creating an AI algorithm to simplify the job of intelligence. Imagine the capability to combine 5 steps into one simple button. The time and resources needed are dramatically decreased thus making a more effective and efficient solution.


Vuln Sec (Vulnerability Security)

Build your own internal teams up with the skills of Vuln Sec. Usage of DISCOVERY,  Reverse engineering, Static & dynamic analysis, Fuzzing, Binary instrumentation And learn exploitation techniques:  Memory corruption, Mitigation bypasses, Enhancing reliability, Post exploitation.


Assessment and integration of current skills and tools
Cyber Legos

This modular ad-on is available to approved customers only and allows endusers to mitigate the challenges of HVTs with ease. It is a modular system that the enduser can build up over time like a mechanics tool kit.  Please inquire for further information.


Vulnerability Assessment

This course is hands-on and intended to provide a realistic experience in assessing and exploiting a wide variety of vulnerability types.  It is for operators who need to develop both offensive and defensive cyber capabilities.  Some of the skills we hone in are:  Vulnerability recognition, Reverse engineering binary code, Attack surface enumeration techniques, Exploitation and bypassing mitigations, and Automating tasks.


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